Winter skin care tips for women were all neglected element

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Cold winter weather to make women's skin becomes dry, but usually used in skin care cosmetics in the winter but lost its original effectiveness. In fact, skin care in winter, we have neglected some very important aspects. Here you opened a small women's winter skin care tips, skin care in winter so you get rid of the error.

Tips 1: essence, cream large swap position

In general, the essence emphasizes in-depth maintenance, accelerate cell metabolism, potent supplement and other effects. When environmental changes cause significant discomfort or dry dull skin, the effect is even better with Essence.

Use cream, be sure to use skin care program in the third layer, which is cleansing, toning water after use. And do not use in the emulsion, not only the essence, because the essence of Essence emulsion composition can only be absorbed through the skin which can not be absorbed.

Skills II: efficacy of color with red muscle with massage skin care products must be effective

The efficacy of the product with ruddy skin, containing more than trace elements manganese, polysaccharides, moisturizing agents, filling a long time and lock skin moisture, skin surface smooth, healthy glow to show the beautiful color.

Use of such products, not just painting a circle on the bin, the action you want to add massage is effective in the secret. Massage can promote the capillaries and lymphatic absorption of nutrients, increased skin temperature, accelerate blood circulation and nutrient delivery to the skin, the skin is full of rosy sheen.

Skills III: Cell-care products are not suitable for everyone

Scientists have been the source of the beauty of the skin - cells completely resolved, the cell will go beyond skin care and care of modern skin care new opportunities. Emphasized the effectiveness of care with cells. These products are more suitable for tired skin, thirsty skin or aging skin.

Get glowing skin with yoga

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Tips For Getting Glowing Skin

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Home Remedy for Skin Lightening

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A natural home remedy for skin lightening calls for squeezing lemon juice into a regular cleanser and applying the cleanser in circular motions. For stubborn sun spots, use lemon juice on a cotton pad as a toner with instructions from a certified aesthetician in this free video on skin care.

Expert: Jaquelyn Hill

sexual health tips

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(1) pre-marital sex is a harm women's health. Such behavior will result in psychological stress, and loss of health, appearance and easy to take advantage of early aging.

( 2 ) sexual intercourse, the woman should urinate again, to flush out the bacteria in urine sense, conditional water wash with green tea (trying to get pregnant do not have this method).

( 3 ) beginning of more serious illness should not be sexual intercourse; excessive fatigue, bad mood and not the man drunk sex; menstruation and pregnancy after the first 3 months and 3 months should not have sexual intercourse; seven weeks after giving birth should not have sexual intercourse; genital disease should not be sexual intercourse.

( 4 )sexual life to be harmonious. Notice once met, much better than very satisfied. Thus, a married person to have fun at sex, but also access to health.

( 5 ) sexual life can not be too frequent, otherwise it will increase the pressure on the heart and center, causing the disease.

( 6 ) should not have sex before the age of 20. According to scientific validation sample: 50% of cervical patients from early marriage.

( 7 ) women's gymnastics can not only contribute to fitness, but also of the defects can be corrected to improve sexual function, increase of effectiveness, prevention of sexual organs, aging relaxation, healthy sex life.

( 8 )sexual intercourse before Do not use harsh soaps to wash the vulva, so as not to cause external genital mucous membrane irritation. Not to wash the vagina with water department, because the vagina is internal self-purification.

Practicing Yoga Has Many Benefits

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Anyone, young, old, male, female, adult or child can start with yoga. It's one of the most popular form of workout that not only affects the body positively but also heals and enhances the mind. One is never too late to start with yoga. Also it's a given that yoga can be customized according to the age, sex and body type of the individual. Yoga has different effects on different parts of one's personality. Since Yoga brings about holistic changes in the practitioner it is highly advantageous and results in positive effects.

Following is a detailed list of benefits that practicing yoga has on and person.

Benefits of Yoga on the Body
  • Yoga greatly improves the condition and strengthens the muscles and bones of the practitioner. It has been known to also heal and prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and other muscular dysfunctionalities from occurring.

  • Yoga also enhances the balance and equilibrium of the body. As a person performs a lot Asanas or takes up postures, his sense of balance and ability to judge his own center of gravity is visibly increased.

  • Yoga Asanas strengthen legs, abdomen, muscles and heal back, neck or other kinds of injuries. Shoulders, feet and legs are greatly benefited too with yoga.

  • There are other more athletic forms of yoga as well known as Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Bikram Yoga.

  • Yoga is great way to reduce blood pressure also as it makes the flow of the blood smooth and even in the arteries.

  • Yoga relieves the person from hypertension and its adverse effects also.

How Yoga is a Mental Healer

Yoga asanas have not only helped individuals overcome their physical infirmities but also helped them conquer their mental agony and tensions. In today's fast life, one cannot but surrender to a lot of mental pressure and tension and this is where one can seek refuge from the worries of the world in yoga. Let's see how.

Yoga asanas are directed impact certain chakras or center of energy in the body and chakras are found in the nervous system too. Practicing yoga means stimulating those chakras to improve the current condition of the mental stature, thereby resulting in the following:

  • A calmer and more peaceful mind.

  • Practicing yoga also helps people suffering from anxiety, depression, hypertension or stress find great relief. This is all because of the mental poise that one attains through yoga.

  • As yoga is also a meditative practice, it builds up concentration power. It has been successful in treating people with attention deficit or hyperactivity disorders also.

  • Further people having suffered traumas or mental torture in the past can find succor in yoga practice. It will help heal mental scars very quickly.

Yoga on the whole, has holistic benefits covering the individual's body, mind and soul. Yoga has been known to induce a quest for higher spirituality too in people practicing it.

Mental health problems affect school performance in childhood

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The mental health problems jeopardize the process of teaching and learning in different ways. In the first year of life, it is possible to identify mental disorders or inclination to develop a child's disease in the future. The doctors, through the complaints of the family, they can identify symptoms or deviations from normal behavior for each age considered.

Apart from dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), affecting about 5% of school-age children, any disorder that interferes with mental health hinders learning.

The most common diagnoses are depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and panic disorder. Often much smaller, dyscalculia is caused by malfunctions of the brain area responsible for the ability to understand numbers and make calculations.

For neurologist childhood, Marco Antonio Arruda, delay in diagnosis causes much suffering and damage to children and families, distressed by the lack of explanation for poor performance in the teaching and learning.

He warns that the child who suffers most is the lack of a medical intervention. "It's tragic situation to miss a case of bipolar disorder. It is a situation where suicide is very common, is the leading cause of suicide in children and adolescents. Therefore, the diagnosis is delayed, it is matter of life or death for that child. Same thing for childhood depression, "he said.

According to the neurologist, the symptoms of depression in children are quite different than in adults, which may hinder the perception of the disease by parents. It is possible to confuse them with tantrums or bad manners, bad temper and aggression. Some signs help indicate whether the child is depressed, sadness, negativity, irritability, lack of initiative, loss of interest, tiredness, fatigue, headache and disturbed sleep and appetite.

Depression and anxiety disorders are less frequent, but that compromise the child's motivation and engagement in the dedication to study.

In the case of ADHD, the impact is very large in the child's life. Before learning difficulties, she is already feeling the loss and even in social development. "The attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, the child's attention changes that cause defects in various types of memory. The child has trouble paying attention, she learns, has difficulty setting in memory. This child is still difficult to organize, strategize, plan and solve problems. Thus, it will interfere too much learning, "he said.

In dyslexia, "the child may have a good attention and a good memory, but she has difficulty with written language." According to the neurologist, the problem in the brain responsible for language complicates the identification of written symbols, and word formation sentences, and understanding the meaning of texts.

The school environment may facilitate the identification of symptoms and diagnosis of disorders, not only for poor outcome in the learning process, but by observing the behavior of children in the school community.

"The teacher has a very favorable situation to see how this child is working. What skills to learn, to relate socially, to tolerate frustration, to be more flexible, "he said.

But the neurologist for children, the perception of these disorders in school depends on the training of teachers. The doctor feels necessary for education professionals have more information about mental health of children and adolescents.

For him, the medical treatment is only one detail that does not work alone, all mental disorders require the intervention of a multidisciplinary team: medical, educational psychologists, speech therapist, psychologist, occupational therapist. Moreover, it is essential that the family knows the disorder, the prognosis and treatment, to coping with the child at home.

"It is necessary to form a collaborative network around the child, made by health professionals, school, family and the child. She carries the mental disorder needs to be focussed on what she has and how it can better deal with these problems. "

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